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Art by Frank Wu


Torcon 3 - 8

The images here are reduced size and clarity thumbnails so as to allow the page to load quickly. To see a full version of any image, just click on it. Please note that my digital camera creates very large picture files.

The masquerade photos are a little poor this year. I spent the evening sat up with the local press. I got a good view, but all of the photos are taken using the stage lighting (no flash) and at maximum zoom. Also I had Mike Glyer's head in front of me, and the darn contestants would mostly not stay still.

Legolas and Gimli go shopping at the Gap of Rohan (J. Lyn Sigurdson and Jake Witucki). Winner of Best in Class Workmanship, Novice.


"Flora Regina" (Evelyn Baker).


"A Wildlife Adventure" - this particular species proved too much for even the bravest Australian TV presenter (Chris Kramer). Winner of Best in Show, Workmanship.


"Jadis, Queen of Narnia" (J.J. Sobey). A nice touch was using an extract from the audio book as the voiceover.


"A Romantic Interlude". The captain relaxes on the holodeck, hoping that the Borg don't turn up too quickly (the captain is, of course, the one in pink). (Amanda Allen and Thomas Atkinson)


"Miss Torcon 3" (Shona Sneddon) had a superhro costume under her Canadian flag dress.


The "Trumps of Amber" assemble. Winner of Best Workmanship, Master and Best in Show.

From left to right, Arabella Davis as Flora, John Blaker as Benedict, Elaine Mami as Llewella, Kate Morgenstern as Deirdre and Chris O'Halloran as a Liegeperson


More of the Trumps: Julie Zetterberg-Sardo as a Liegeperson, Sandy Pettinger as Fiona, Andy Trembley as Julian, John O'Halloran as Gerard, Les Roth as Bleys and Pierre Pettinger as Cain


The Crown is awarded. Kevin Roche as Random, Sandy Pettinger as Fiona and Andy Trembley as Julian.


More Torcon III Photos



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