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Art by Frank Wu


Torcon 3 - 9

The images here are reduced size and clarity thumbnails so as to allow the page to load quickly. To see a full version of any image, just click on it. Please note that my digital camera creates very large picture files.

Lortz the Uruk-Hai gets over-excited (Rock Robertson).


"Mixed Myths" (Anna Davenport). A nice costume but somehow the joke didn't work.


"Mighty Wing Lung Puff" (Andrew Pidock and Marc Ladouceur). When hunting dragons, always take long marshmallows to toast.


Firefly: Dyan Laskin Grossman notes that some of the characters were actually three-dimensional.


"Saucer for Sale" - Courtesy of UFOs 'R' Us.


Carole Parker, the Redwood Fairie, hides from a tourist.


Fire and Ice debate who should have the privilege of destroying the world (Margaret Blakesley, Susan Eisenhour and Lucinda Gille-Rowley, one of whom is off-camera).


"Something New" (Toni Lay). It didn't seem much until the lights went down and the whole dress lit up.


The winter tree from "Winter is Coming", winner (along with the ice wights below) of the Bantam Books special award for entries based on George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire", and also Best Worksmanship, Journeyman. (Greg Abba, Sallie Abba, Rachelle Hrubetz, Mandi Arthur, Laurie Bremen, Jon Mohning)


The ice wights. Note those high helms - the costumers' real faces are obscured to hide the siphoning mechanism that they needed to activate the dry ice effect. The costumes are great - this one is well worth clicking on.




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