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Art by Frank Wu


Potlatch 6

The trouble with having a whiz digital camera is that you end up with heaps of photos that you would like to put on your web page. This particular lot is from the Potlach 6 convention in Seattle. The photos will prbably make a lot more sense if you read the Potlach report in Emerald City #19 first.

University Plaza Hotel

The University Plaza Hotel in Seattle, where all the action took place.

Mock Tudor

Mock Tudor seems fashionable in American hotels.

Janice's house

Janice Murray and Alan Rosenthal's house on a typically rainy Seattle day.


DUFF candidate Janice Murray.


DUFF candidate Andy Hooper.


Roscoe, the fannish god, is a regular visitor to Potlach.


Linda Deneroff, treasurer of the Seattle in 2002 Worldcon bid, loyally wearing her Emerald City t-shirt.


Debbie Cross of Wrigley-Cross books with "Down the Badger Hole", the book she has written about Lionel Fanthorpe.


Tom Whitmore auctioning a rare 1st edition of poems by Ursula Le Guin.


Luke McGuff tries to get the auction audience livened up.

Eric & me

Eric Lindsay and I prove that we are still friends.






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