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Art by Frank Wu


LoneStar Con 2 Masquerade

The following photographs were taken at the LoneStarCon 2 masquerade. Many of the photos where taken backstage and the costumes may not be complete.


Judy Rauchtass in her Fire Dance outfit. It looks a lot more impressive when her arms are spread.

Enchanted Garden

Janet Paderewski is In The Enchanted Garden where she found the Best in Class award for Journeymen.


Gotham City - one of a collection of Cities of Science Fiction.

Bounty Rider

Bill Ernoehazy and his son, John-Stephen. Half of Bill's costume got lost in the UPS strike and didn't make it to San Antonio. Rather than quit, he and his wife, Gail, improvised what they could from local shops. Bill's costume is the Bounty Rider's mount, which meant we had to get John-Stephen onto his back before they went on stage.

Greg and Jherek

Greg Docherty looks after Madelaine Trembley, costumed as the young Jherek Carnelian. Mother Sharon played The Iron Orchid. (Characters from Michael Moorcock's Dancers at the End of Time series.)


One of the many Bimbos of the Book Covers.


Linda Dunn with an outfit inspired by a book cover. There is a body stocking under all those beads.


Workmanship judge, Cat Devereaux holds court.


Two starship pilots from Shadows of the Empire. Their act also included a life-size model of Han Solo frozen in that block of whatever it was. They won Best Presentation in the Master Class.


Joy Day as the Martian girl from Mars Attacks seemed to float off the ground. She could hardly move her legs in that outfit, making getting her on stage a little difficult. This entry won Best Re-creation in the Master class.

Dragon lady

That tail caused a few problems backstage, but it was a stunning costume. I wish I could remember which one it was.

Men in Black

My friends Patrick Lasswell and Kristin A. Ruhle who were part of a Men in Black entry.


Cruella DeVille







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