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ConJosé - 10

The images here are reduced size and clarity thumbnails so as to allow the page to load quickly. To see a full version of any image, just click on it. Please note that my new digital camera creates very large picture files.

Liz and GordonLiz Williams and Gordon van Gelder compare the merits of Sierra Nevada and Anchor Steam beers.


Janice and ErikJanice Gleb, with Erik Olson in the background.


In conferenceIn conference - Kevin in discussion with photographer, Charles Mohapel.


Cheeky ChinaChina Miéville in a relaxed mood.


Vernor VingeVernor Vinge checks his notes.


Top talentTop Talent - the Best Novel nominees. From the left: Robert Charles Wilson, China Miéville, Lois McMaster Bujold, Connie Willis, Charlie Stross (for Ken MacLeod) and Neil Gaiman.


Pacific RimPacific Rim: Australia's Sean McMullen joins Japan's Seiun presenters in California.


Giulia and LoisGiulia de Cesare explains the philosophy of Ploktaism to Lois McMaster Bujold.


Checking the form guideChecking the form guide - Neil considers whether it is worth the risk to put a dollar on two on Dave Langford. Charles Brown is dismayed at the odds on a Locus win.


More ConJosé Photos



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