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Art by Frank Wu


Bonfante Gardens

The images here are reduced size and clarity thumbnails so as to allow the page to load quickly. To see a full version of any image, just click on it.

Relaxing - Bonfante Gardens is a great place to just look at the scenery. How many theme parks can say that?


Circus Trees #1 - One tree with the branches growing out and back in again.


Taking Off - Venus the Eagle Owl shows off her wings .


Children and Animals - As in, "never perform with". Macaws, after all, are likely to be older and smarter than you are.


All Aboard - Especially for Kevin (well, not quite), the park has a train ride.


Fruity Man - A Range of puppet fruit and vegetables perform for the kids, to the tune of old Beach Boys numbers. "I wish they all could be California fruit." Yes, it really is that corny, but the kids love it.


Circus Tree #2 - Actually this one is the orignal: four trees into one.


Circus Tree #3 - A small and delicate one in amongst the flower garden.


Blooming Lovely - The park has some spectacular flowers.


More Bonfante Gardens Photos



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